There are those people in our life who "see" us, who recognize the unique in us and have the capacity to pull that out so the world can see it too.  The late Professor William Duckworth at Bucknell University, my Music Composition Teacher who also happened to be a music critic for Rolling Stones magazine, was one of these people. He literally opened my eyes to the visual element of music, pointing out that I tended to speak of my own and others' compositions in visual terms. Music was not only auditory, but it was a visual experience as well.   I literally saw music. This insight became my approach to songwriting: taking an actual experience, a feeling state, a deep yearning and translating it into an imaginary visual environment before landing that experience in the auditory realm. I am forever grateful for his guidance and mentorship. It is because of him that I learned to be deeply vulnerable in my music, capturing some of my most challenging life experiences in song. This album is dedicated to his wise and generous spirit. 

To Linda Levine for the magic she weaves and for how she has taught me to remember. 

To my husband Bruce Penn who tirelessly and patiently, day in and day out, through thick and thin walked by my side as I created this album. He spent countless hours listening to me practice, ask for advice, practice more, ask for more advice and on and on.  Thank you, dear Bruce for all that you do. I joked to Bruce that the album cover ought be holographic with the second image being that of his face on the cover with the title called, "My life and times with Bruce." He has been quite the inspiration for this album!

To my Mom, Aletha Bacon Fassl whose love for music and mad musical skills (I don't know what instrument she doesn't play) are the very backbone of this album.

To another one of these people who really "sees" me, my producer and new best buddy John Alevizakis.  It's as if he can see into my soul and knows just exactly what my music is craving. He feeds my spirit directly with his skills, warmth, lovability and his undying passion to bring those he works with the highest form of their musical expression.  I seriously cannot thank this angel of a man enough!

Deep gratitude to Ali Maya whose tremendous aptitude for unconditional support rivals none. She brought music back into my life by creating a safe and wholly supportive environment to pick up music again after a 15 year hiatus.  To my dear friend and fellow songwriter Annie May Willis  who lovingly listened to the very rough drafts of my songs, who sang harmonies by my side, and with whom my friendship has blossomed all the more because of the healing power that is music. To Tara Divina who held my hand as my vocal coach while I slowly but surely reclaimed my voice. 

Tremendous gratitude to Gregory Clark who appeared as an angel in my life just at the time that I was ready to record an album. His support proved completely and utterly a godsend in making this happen. Sometimes the person you give to ends up giving to you tenfold. Gregory Clark is just that person.

And to all my friends who listened and supported me along the way especially Yelena Myulberg, Alice Belfor and Joey Filling. Big gratitude for the encouragement and support given by Rose Goldwait, Jen Katke, Syda Patel, Kari Glass, Betty Zlatchin, Kim Eaton and Tom Lennon.  All of you mean the world to me.