"A singer-songwriter with a striking voice that somehow manages to be simultaneously angelic and soulful."

"Incredibly Unique and Soul-Full......Her range-- vocally, stylistically, emotionally, poetically- is truly astounding!!"

 "Your music takes me back to white, luscious flowers and open hearts :D Sexy, sultry, transcendent."

"A voice that goes straight to the heart with a style that somehow blends Joni MItchell with Macy Gray."


I grew up as one of four daughters to the Musical Director of our local church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the Little Town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is because of my mother that music feels like it careens through my veins, is a part of the matrix of my being.  Not a day went by that I wasn't listening to my mother playing both classical and church hymns on her grand piano and on the Church's pipe organ.  I was fortunate to have her piano skills accompany me from age 4 when I was obsessed with Grease's Olivia Newton John through my Annie and Andrew Lloyd Webber phase, onto my Natalie Merchant obsession then gracefully landing on my love for Astrud Gilberto.   I was a restless child, dabbling in piano, drums, folk guitar and trumpet for a few years each never landing on any one instrument before another interest arose. The voice was the one instrument that held my interest for many years, having trained classically in the Art Song for ten years. My vocal performances had curiously varied manifestations including as an ongoing cantor and soloist at church, in Musical Theatre and as a bossanova lounge singer in my early twenties at local hotels and bars in Pennsylvania.  

As a young adult, I was  pulled toward the stage as a Modern dancer and Circus Aerialist traveling across the country and the world performing for ten years on the double static trapeze.  The magic of creating an environment and mood through artistic expression has deeply influenced my songwriting, where the mood created is equally as important as the song structure.  Vulnerability and expressing my heart's deepest longing tends to be the major motivators behind my music, despite my attempts to write happy-go-lucky palatable pieces.  I'm pleased and near shocked  that I actually have a few more upbeat tunes on my album!

3 years ago after retiring from the circus and feeling a deep craving to create again, I found myself drawn back into music.   I had almost forgotten my relationship to the Art form after the long hiatus.  It is with an open and humble heart that I share my first album with you, The Spaces Between. This album honors all the many transitions in our lives, the rites of passage both small and large, the portals we cross over and pass through, the silence between thoughts where our highest intentions exist.  Peace and warmth to you and a big thank you for listening to my world.